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Professional Photographs
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"Gone Forever"
7" Gatefold single (GONE G1) inner
 "Witness For The World"
7" Box Set (GONE B3) Postcards
Photography by Nigel Grierson
Postcard 1, photography by Tony Higgins Postcard 2, photography by Tony Higgins Postcard 3, photography by Tony Higgins
"Last Of The Sun"
12" single (GONE T4)
"No Living Without You"
12" single (655585-6)
"Last Of The Sun"
CD EP (GONE C4) sleeve
Photo by Dean Freeman Photo by Dean Freeman Photo by Dean Freeman

Personal Photographs
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The Hexagon, Reading, 4th May 1989 Civic Hall, Guildford, 2nd June 1989
Me & Tony Hall Brendan & Pat Craig & Tony Brendan, Craig & Tony Pat, Craig, & Vinnie Pat, me & Vinnie Brendan & me Vinnie, Craig & Brendan Craig & Vinnie
Town & Country Club 2, London, 13th June 1989
Pat playing pool before the gig Pat making his way to the stage Brendan singing Tony on guitar (signed) Brendan singing (Pat in background) Brendan singing & playing Vinnie on bass
Town & Country Club, London, 14th February 1990
Me & Vinnie Pat with Craig (a friend)
Mean Fiddler, London, 22nd June 1991
Brendan playing & singing with Pat in background Vinnie on Bass Paul on guitar Brendan on guitar Brendan singing Paul on guitar Brendan & Vinnie Brendan (Pat in background)
Brendan singing & playing Brendan (Pat in background) Brendan (Pat in background) Vinnie comming back on for the encore Brendan & Vinnie My Sister (Miriam) & Paul Miriam & Vinnie Miriam, Brendan & Me

Vicar Street, Dublin, 8th April 2011
Ian Doyle Ian Doyle's backing musicians Ian Doyle
The audience The audience
Brendan & Pat Brendan & Pat Vinnie Brendan Steve, Brendan & Pat Brendan Vinnie Pat Darragh & Vinnie Steve, Brendan & Pat Pat, Darragh & Vinnie  Robbei O'Neill Brendan Brendan Pat Vinnie Steve Steve, Brendan & Pat Brendan & Pat Vinnie Brendan, Pat, Darragh & Vinnie Brendan Brendan Brendan on tin whistle Steve Pat Brendan, Pat & Vinnie Vinnie Vinnie The band take a bow Ian Doyle & Alan Ennis Vinnie signing Steve Belton Me & Pat Me & Brendan

Opera House, Wexford, 14th May 2011
SDC10846t.JPG, 19kB SDC10847t.JPG, 15kB SDC10850t.JPG, 11kB SDC10851t.JPG, 12kB
SDC10852t.JPG, 13kB SDC10854t.JPG, 14kB SDC10855t.JPG, 15kB SDC10856t.JPG, 13kB SDC10860t.JPG, 13kB
SDC10862t.JPG, 12kB SDC10864t.JPG, 23kB SDC10865t.JPG, 12kB SDC10866t.JPG, 13kB SDC10868t.JPG, 14kB
SDC10869t.JPG, 13kB SDC10870t.JPG, 12kB SDC10875t.JPG, 13kB SDC10876t.JPG, 15kB SDC10877t.JPG, 12kB
SDC10878t.JPG, 16kB SDC10880t.JPG, 15kB SDC10881t.JPG, 13kB SDC10885t.JPG, 16kB
SDC10889t.JPG, 12kB SDC10891t.JPG, 12kB SDC10892t.JPG, 14kB SDC10894t.JPG, 16kB
SDC10895t.JPG, 17kB SDC10897t.JPG, 12kB SDC10899t.JPG, 12kB SDC10903t.JPG, 14kB
SDC10906t.JPG, 15kB SDC10902t.JPG, 15kB SDC10907t.JPG, 12kB SDC10909t.JPG, 12kB
SDC10910t.JPG, 14kB SDC10911t.JPG, 14kB SDC10912t.JPG, 15kB
SDC10915t.JPG, 14kB SDC10917t.JPG, 16kB SDC10918t.JPG, 16kB
SDC10921t.JPG, 16kB SDC10922t.JPG, 24kB
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All personal photos on this page are Oliver Hunter.

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