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My sincere thanks go to...
Steve Bullman   Steve Bullman
...for helping to pursuade me to start this site, sending me the "Ireland" CD, and providing a tape & details of records that I was missing in my own collection.
Enda Long   Enda Long
...for sending me set lists, chart positions, details of most of Brendan's post-CBD releases that I was missing, "The Hurling Songs" & "Where The Winners Go" and incredibly the "Follow Me" single!
Britta   Britta Bergemann
...for sending me the scans of the "Girl In The Ghetto" 12" single & "The Courier" LP, the 2001 Brendan pic, and the biographies from the Grapevine website.
Dermot Mullane   Dermot Mullane
...for providing some fantastic photos from the Limerick gig for free use on the site.
Mark Corcoran   Mark Corcoran
...for providing the best 'fan relations' going - kindness, generosity, sincerity, I could go on but he'll be blushing already!
Mick Reade   Mick Reade
...for being a top bloke, a top CBD fan and knowing how to celebrate after a gig!
Alan Ennis   Alan Ennis
...for getting the band back together, me into the soundcheck in Dublin and being the nicest guy you could want to meet!
Stephen Scott   Stephen Scott
...for sending me the details of the "To Be True" CD single, giving me the needed nudge to update the site, sort out the CD-Rs and sending me various CDs.
Ian Guest   Ian Guest
...for providing information for the site and sending me details & scans of some of Brendan's post-CBD releases that I was missing.
David Young   David Young
...for advising that the 'GONEC4' CD was released, and sending it to me!
Ian Kilby   Ian Kilby
...for help with the tour dates, saving me the trouble of typing in the lyrics and providing most of the chords.
Tony Hall   Tony Hall
...for being a really nice bloke, a great musician and providing me with information for this site.
   Tommy Kennedy
...for putting me in touch with Tony Hall and sending me the "Follow Me" 7" single scans.

All of Cry Before Dawn
...for producing such inspiring and moving music.
The following people for their help over the years:
Paul Byrne, Chris Copley, Roy Cummins, Louise Flynn, David John, Jacqui Kent, (Ian &) Gail Kilby, Dermot Mullane, Fergal McAllister, Mark Phelan, Malcolm Scott, Michael Wolf.

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