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Original line-up
Photo of Brendan
Brendan Wade

Guitar & vocals

Brendan now lives and plays in Switzerland - see his own website for more info.

Photo of Tony
Tony Hall

Tony lives with his wife (a CBD 'groupie'!) just outside of Mansfield and now works in finance.

Photo of Vinnie
Vince Doyle
Bass guitar

Vinnie stayed close to home still living in his native Wexford and picked up his bass again in 2010 for the reunion tour.

Photo of Pat
Pat Hayes

Pat is back in Wexford after 12 years in Stockholm where he spent time playing in his own recording studio.

New band members
Paul Spencer By the Mean Fiddler gig in 1991, for whatever reason, Paul Spencer (left) had replaced Tony Hall. CBD v3 In the liner notes for the "Ireland" CD there is a photo of the group (left) cica 1991 with Steve Belton (former lead guitar with "Fountainhead") replacing Paul Spencer. The liner notes suggested that they were "not currently signed to a label" and they split up not long after. For more information on Brendan and his post-CBD work and discography click here.

In November 2010 the band announced that they would be reforming for a tour in April 2011. The following is taken from Brendan's website:
Cry Before Dawn to Reform.
Yes the rumors are true. Cry Before Dawn will re-form for a tour in Ireland in 2011. Itīs been nearly 20 years since the band played together. Myself, Pat Hayes and Vinny Doyle, will be joined by ace guitar player Steve Belton (who played with the band for over 2 years). We are delighted to be playing again and can't wait to get started. More news to follow. Brendan
The re-formed band in 2011
Photo of Brendan
Brendan Wade
Guitar, vocals,
whistle, uilleann pipes
Photo of Steve by Chris Copley
Steve Belton
Photo of Vinnie
Vinnie Doyle
Bass guitar & vocals
Photo of Pat
Pat Hayes
Photo of Dara
Dara Munnis
Keyboards, vocals

A music magazine article from 1989:

"Cry Before Dawn, Wexford's finest have won a lot of new fans with their new single "Last Of The Sun", and the recent album "Witness For The World". Touring ealier this year with Big Country has honed them into a superb live band, and the Town & Country Club show on Friday 4th November will consolidate their reputation as Ireland's successors to U-know-who-2 in the 'megaband for the 1990s' stakes. For lovers of all things rocking and Irish, and fans of good music anywhere, this is one to watch!"

Chart Placings
Cry Before Dawn had three entries in the UK charts but only "Witness For The World" made it into the top 75 reaching no 67 on 17th July 1989, falling to no 72 a week later. They faired much better in Ireland.
UK Charts (top 100)
Entry Date Song Highest position Weeks on chart
23rd May 1987 Gone Forever No.80 6 wks
7th May 1988 Gone Forever (Re-release) No.84 4 wks
27th May 1989 Witness For The World No.67 6 wks
Ireland Charts
Entry Date Song Highest position Weeks on chart
8th March 1987 Gone Forever No.11 3 wks
19th July 1987 The Seed That's Been Sown No.17 2 wks
15th October 1987 Girl In The Ghetto No.24 2 wks
11th May 1989 Witness For The World No.13 2 wks
21st September 1989 Last Of The Sun No.17 2 wks
25th January 1990 No Living Without You No.13 3 wks
14th April 2011 Best Of Cry Before Dawn (Album) No.12 5 wks


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